The Stellar Foundation

You’ve devoted your life to serving your country and now we will devote our time to making your wedding a truly wonderful celebration.


The Stellar Foundation is focused on providing members of the United States Armed Forces with financial and consultative assistance for special event products and services in the Washington DC Metro areas. The organization seeks to alleviate the stress of the event planning process, both financial and emotional.


In some instances, due to deployment, or financial hardship, many couples find it challenging to plan a wedding within their timeframe and budget, unaware of which vendors are willing to provide discounts to servicemen and women, and for which services.


The Stellar Foundation has developed relationships with key partners and can effectively pair the client with the provider. In some instances, where a particular financial need has been met, the organization will absorb the costs of working with approved vendors.


In other instances, due to medical or physical challenges, often times incurred during active duty, there may be additional costs and/or considerations when planning a special event, for which financial assistance is needed. Wheelchairs, ramps, access friendly venues, and ADA compatible transportation options are all additional items that the average couple does not incur during planning, but which can easily consume an event budget.


The organization will absorb these costs, ensuring that the couple does not suffer financial strain due to injuries incurred during active duty. Members of the United States Armed Forces have provided us with their invaluable service, gifting most Americans the opportunity to celebrate milestone events as they choose. The Stellar Foundation seeks to repay some of that service.


We are currently pursuing our 501(c)3. Please contact us for opportunities to volunteer, or partner.


Structured event packages coming soon!!!