TRISH.O – The Podcast

Do you wonder whether you may need a professional event planner for your next conference, meeting or wedding? Or if you know you do, have you been curious about how pricing and contract negotiation with vendors is handled?


Then Trish.0 is the podcast where all your answers will be found. Here you can listen in as event professionals answer your most pressing:

“How is _____done?”

“Why is ______ priced that way?”

“Do I really need ________?” and

“Can you explain…” types of questions related to special events.


We will interviews on subjects event pros answer and advise on every single day, such as:

We’ll break down why pricing is done the way it is across the industry from catering to lighting, swag and signage.

PLUS, when (and where) you can save in certain areas of your budget in order to splurge in others.

It’s all about hiring the right professionals for the right jobs, and knowing how to distinguish between the experienced and the “new and flashy.”

We’ll break down why vendors aren’t returning your calls – it may not be why you think either!

Honestly, you may not! But, until we can understand your goals for your event, no true professional can answer that question correctly.

We’ll discuss the information you should be providing up front so you can get an accurate answer the first time without constant need to follow up.

We’ve got you covered here! From linens and flowers to technology and guest engagement, Trish and her industry friends stay on top of the trends so you don’t have to do all the research.

Tune in to learn what you really should be paying attention to and what you can actually DIY a little or skip all together.

Tune into the podcast now and start learning!