Upcoming Styled Shoots

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! Please read the following info, so we are on the same page:

Some basics:

We do ask for at least 20 professionally edited images be delivered to us within 3 weeks of the shoot – make sure to watermark your images, because these will be shared and tagged across our social media pages and websites. And please show some love if you are sharing! Because who doesn’t love free publicity??

Not a photographer and want to collaborate?? Send me an email at [email protected] – let’s get you involved with this process!

Some fine print:

Note that the dates and locations will not be confirmed until we have 10 tickets “sold”, which is why tickets are sold as “free” until we meet that minimum of 10, but a maximum of 20. Once we have a group going, the “real” tickets will be sold.

Photographers/Videographers will be booked into smaller groups and rotated on timed intervals, so that everyone can get ample time with each decor element and area.

Costs and procedures:

The costs for each vendor varies based on location and logistics. Generally, DC venues are more difficult to load in/out, so these are more expensive than our more suburban locations. Once we have a commitment from 10 ticket holders for a specific location, you will be contacted to provide payment for your ticket and thereby securing your spot. (So – we don’t take your money until we know for CERTAIN we can confirm) Many of the venues we work with require a minimum labor fee from us, so we want to be sure the expenses are covered and we can provide a ROCK STAR photo shoot experience! All vendors can purchase multiple tickets, if they would like more time.

One the event is confirmed, you will be sent a link to purchase the real ticket. (Sorry for the extra step, but we’ve been burned before……) Payment MUST be made within 24 hours. No actual cash or checks will be allowed. All times/spots are first come first served. Tickets/spots can be transferred, but only with prior approval. All tickets are non refundable with one exception, once a date/location is confirmed and payment is made. All tickets will be refunded if the shoot is cancelled due to weather.


NOVEMBER 11TH, 2019 10AM – 7PM Washington DC Rooftop, Skyline Sophistication

Big Mood – Big Views! The over arching theme of this photo shoot will be sleek lines and gorgeous views, with a vanguard edge:


Outdoor shoot with a rain plan! The rooftop of the Washington Post Building, 1301 K st NW, Washington DC 20005. This venue offer stunning views, and big skies, but also an interior room with floor to ceiling windows, just case we need to move it inside.

Ticketing via Evenbright – Click the link below: