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Just Got Engaged? Here are 5 Key Steps to Start Planning Your Wedding Now

Hi there, lovely couples-to-be! So, you’ve recently taken the plunge and said “Yes!” to your partner’s proposal. Now, the adventure of wedding planning awaits, and I’m here to guide you through those initial steps. Feeling a tad overwhelmed with questions from friends and family about venues, dates, dresses, and more? No worries, I’ve got your back. Let’s dive into the crucial aspects that’ll set you sailing smoothly toward your dream wedding day. Whether you’re considering a wedding planner or going solo, these five steps will kickstart your wedding journey:

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  1. Crafting Your Vision
    First things first, let’s envision your dream wedding experience. Are you drawn to seaside elegance or tropical vibes? Does the allure of mountains call to you, or are urban chic vibes more your style? If you’re unsure, platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can be your creative havens. These broad strokes will help you shape the story you want to tell. Once you’ve got the basics, you’ll be ready to pinpoint that perfect venue.
  2. Guesstimate Your Guest Count
    A tip from the mastermind planner Marcy Blum: jot down your guest list ASAP. If you’re aiming for a destination shindig, remember that not all invitees might be able to make the journey. Often, people claim a guest count but when they write it down, it reveals a different number. Trust me, this count has a big impact on finding your ideal venue.
  3. Deciding on a Planner
    Thinking of hiring a planner? Starting off with one from the get-go is a smart move. Planners are the wizards of all things wedding, plus they’ve got those secret insider tips. Say you’re set on tying the knot at a certain spot, but public venues don’t fit the bill. A savvy planner might just know of some hidden gems or rising stars.

Make sure your planner’s style and values align with yours. They’ll be diving into your finances and family dynamics, so that connection and trust are key. Hold off on confirming a date, venue, or attire before getting a pro on board. If you’re a bit too eager and have already made some decisions, no worries. Think of it as a puzzle—being flexible from the start gives you more room to maneuver.

  1. Crafting a Budget That Fits
    A realistic budget can save you from wedding-induced stress and tension. While the possibilities are endless, a flexible budget helps you make your wedding dreams come true. Keep in mind, weddings often end up costing more than expected. Don’t forget those little details that can add up. Leave some wiggle room in your estimates to keep financial worries at bay.
  2. Locking in a Location and Date
    With your wedding vibe, guest count, budget estimate, and maybe a planner in tow, it’s time to hunt for that perfect location. As post-Covid times have brought about a bustling wedding scene, securing a venue is your first concrete step.

So there you have it, an intro guide to calm those wedding-planning jitters and replace them with pure excitement. Remember, it’s all about crafting a day that’s uniquely yours. Cheers to the journey ahead, lovebirds! 🥂

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